The vinyard

Located in the southern Rhône Valley on the slopes of Mont Ventoux.


Certified organic agriculture since 2004

Organic Ecocert certificate Clos des Patris

The grapes are picked and sorted by hand.
The wines are made according to a traditional method with
a blend of 40 to 50% syrah and old grenache.


Syrah and cherry

Syrah is one of the most qualitative varieties !

This variety of the northern Rhone Valley,
acquires a cherry flavor on the hills of gray earth.


Grenache and licorice

Grenache has a licorice flavor on ocher and rocky scrubland soils.


Grapes flowering

The vineyard is certified organic farming since 2004.

In 10 years, the wines have gradually acquired elegance
and a surprising aromatic intensity through this mode of culture !

But why?


Grapes with small grains

Organic viticulture can be qualitative only in specific environments
where the « pests and diseases » exert a lower pressure
as on the slopes and terraces of Mount Mont Ventoux


The veraison

The vines in organic agriculture have a less dense and more balanced foliage.
Their grapes are ideally exposure to mature.


The concentration of flavors

The vines in organic agriculture produce only 6-8 grapes
per vine which promotes the quality of grapes and concentration of flavors.
Harvesting is done when the flavors are at their peak.


Then the winemaker sounds the bugle !


The grape harvest

Manual harvesting to sort the grapes to retain only the best.